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The presentation of the bride's bouquet is by far my favorite on wedding day. She gets to see a glimse of what her wedding floral decor will look like before the day's festivities begin. Her bouquet is an accessory that complements her wedding day look. So it's very important that it looks breathtaking, but also complements her wedding dress, hairstyle and overall look. 


Bouquet Design Class

  • In this one day Bouquet Design Class we will discuss the different styles of bridal bouquets. You will learn the mechanics of making a round bouquet, a free form bouquet with an egg amateur and without an egg amateur. You will leave this class with the knowledge and tools needed to great a stunning one of a kind bouquet for your future brides.   


    In order to give each attendee my undivided attention, this class is limited to 7 attendees.


    • Training on the proper mechanics used for round bouquet, loose free form bouquet, and handtied bouquet
    • Flower sourcing
    • Choosing the right complementing colors, textures to achieve the desired look 
    • Pricing 
    • How to build the floral recipe and stem counts

    This is a one day hands on class lasting approx. 6-8 hours, so come prepared to learn and be inspired!


    LOCATION: DBO Studio - 7905 Cessna Ave, Suite K, Gaithersburg, MD

    WHEN:  List of available dates provided after checkout

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