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Who We Are

We don’t create events. We create experiences.


One of the most sought-after event and floral design companies in the Washington Metro and Atlanta area, Design by Oochay produces unforgettable experiences for premium private and corporate clients.

As a passionate group of design architects and creative visionaries, we are known for wow- worthy weddings and events that leave guests speechless. Serving private and corporate clients seeking luxurious design, our team is intentional about every detail, enveloping guests in extravagance and excitement from the moment they enter the room. We won’t rest until we’ve created an experience that will be raved about—and remembered—for a lifetime.


Be it a couple or a company, we connect to the soul and style of every client, expertly curating events that capture their uniqueness and translates the essence of who they are into vibrant, luxe design. Known for innovation, imagination and an unmatched attention to detail, this top-notch team relishes in creativity and the art of celebration. Leaving no possibility unexplored and throwing limits to the wind, Designs by Oochay conceptualizes wow-worthy designs that delight and amaze.


Never replicating the design for any event, we consistently deliver versatility that honors and celebrates the diversity of our clients. We believe in lush florals, abundant creativity and the power of flowers to elevate any event. From boho to ballroom, an event Designed by Oochay isn’t just attended—it’s felt. It’s experienced. It’s remembered—for a lifetime.


Meet Uche

Founder & Creative Director

My love for flowers began while planning my wedding. My passion for floral design grew after I attended a floral workshop.

Flowers come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and scents, much like people. I am in awe of flowers. Not just because of their colors, and their ability to take your breath away, but because even though they have dirt in their roots, they still grow. They still bloom...

My job as a designer is to create an experience for you that will evoke joyful emotions. I want to see those tears of joy when I hand you your bouquet on wedding day. I want to see you and your guests mesmerized as you enter into a room full of beauty and elegance, like you just stepped into heaven. Creating joyful memories that last a lifetime feeds my soul and fuels my passion. I live for these moments, and that's why I love what I do.

When I'm not busy creating dream events, I'm in mommy mode, creating beautiful memories with my children.

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