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John F. Kennedy Center Surprise Proposal

It's not often I get asked to create a bridal bouquet for a proposal. So when Claire of Claire Duran Weddings & Events contacted me for the opportunity, I jumped on it. I love working with Claire because I know anything she designs and styles will come out superb.

The most important thing Claire said to me was "I trust you, so feel free to be creative" Those were the magic words I (and most creatives) love to hear. It allowed me dig deep and create from a place of love & freedom (or shall I say a few glasses of margarita in this case LOL). Prior to creating this bouquet, I went out to dinner with the family and had a few glasses of margarita and got home and went to work! I guess that's my new zen LOL! I digress. The most important thing I tell my couples prior to hiring me is to make sure they trust me to execute their vision.

Trust is very important in building relationships, not just in marriage but in life! As a wedding professional, knowing that my clients trust me 100% allows me to really bring it when designing their dream bouquet and floral arrangements. If the trust isn't there, it puts a strain on the relationship and my ability to create from a place of love.

So my most important advice for any bride planning their big day - trust the professionals you've hired to execute your vision. Understand that we work a lot of weddings and events, and are in a better place to guide you in the right direction.

Congratulations to Ray & Estefania on your engagement. Thanks for letting us create from a place of love and I wish you both a beautiful love filled marriage.

Enjoy the photos from the shoot, perfectly captured by JenS Photography.

Vendor Love

Photography: Jen S Photography

Calligraphy: Spurle Gul Studio


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